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Video Production Locations

For years the plan at BLARE was to grow into different cities, markets and video production locations. After years of building out California we headed for Las Vegas, followed by Seattle, Dallas and Phoenix. Today our footprint covers most of the West Coast. Setting up new markets is not hard. The challenge is finding quality video production teams that know whet they are doing. In order to achieve this we start with a thorough vetting process. Second, we have that new grip, camera op or PA work with one of our season DP’s or directors. Once we gage their professionalism, knowledge, and skill out in the field, then we know where to slot them. This is all part of our quality control. This is also how we maintain and grow our video production locations.

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Video Production Locations

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BLARE City Hubs

Video Production Locations

Blare Films Arizona – Phoenix Video Production
3104 E Camelback Rd #735
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(480) 376-0974

Blare Media Headquarters
7676 N Palm Street, Suite 104
Fresno, CA 93711

San Francisco
535 York St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 865-9811

1624 Market St #202
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 974-7299

3839 McKinney Avenue #155
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 453-4868

Los Angeles Video Production
326 Mira Loma Avenue
Glendale, CA 91204
(323) 275-1337

Las Vegas Video Production
500 N. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 487-3420

San Diego Video Production
3802 Rosecrans St
San Diego, CA 92110
(858) 866-8070

500 North Michigan, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 508-4634

9415 SE Stark St Suite 300
Portland, OR 97216
(971) 256-8464

No travel fees when when booking crew within a 50 mile radius of a Blare Hub. We have develop strong production teams in Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Nevada and Illinois. In order to accomplish this we setup a vetting process.

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Anyone can make pretty pictures, getting them delivered to you on time, with a good understanding of all the things that could go wrong is much more important.

Anyone can tell a story, but having the confidence and experience to tell your story in the best way possible is what we spend extra time, money, and deliberate focus on.

Anyone can edit video, but preparing your project for current and future success with near-permanent archives, flexible post options, and a streamlined revision process is what we do every day for every project.

Anyone can show up to set with a cameraman and some lighting, but having the backup gear, contingency plans, and network of vetted crew in cases of emergency is how we deliver confidence that can’t be matched.