Phoenix Video Production Services

Since 2005 BLARE Films has been providing top-flight video production services at affordable prices to a wide range of corporate and institutional clients both large and small across the United States. BLARE Films Arizona now offers the same video production quality to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon State. With more than a dozen years of production experience creating high quality explainer videos, webinars, TV commercials and independent films throughout California and the United states, it’s exciting to finally be able to share this expertise with clients in the Southwest.

Our Video Production Work

2018 Reel

Aerial Reel

2017 Reel

Movie Reel


If you’ve had a chance to take a look at our specialty reels you’ve probably got a basic understanding of BLARE Films’ video quality and our production capabilities.

Perhaps BLARE Films’ most obvious asset is our aesthetic: Our ability to conceive, script, storyboard, cast then capture a wide range of subjects and subject matter on video and assemble the scenes into a compelling and stylish editorial format.

A less obvious asset perhaps is the experience and resourcefulness of our filmmakers: Through years of trial and error, the professionals at BLARE Films can honestly claim to have a deeper understanding of the many facets of video production than a lot of our contemporaries. But how does this help our clients save money? Our extensive experience and know-how, allows us to anticipate production pitfalls. BLARE Films professionals have a demonstrated work history of consistently avoiding inefficient methods, and poor practices, which can plague a video production and drive its cost way up.

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The Video Production Process

Before engaging a video production company it is advisable for a potential client to have already made a number of important determinations: What are your marketing and/or communications goals? Who is your target audience and how will you reach them? Is there a production schedule and/or deadline for completion? And what is your production budget for the project? Once the answers to these and other questions have been answered, you are ready to consult with your BLARE Films representative, your producer, and your video director to learn if we’re a good fit.

NOTE the following is a list of the different services provided by BLARE Films. Not all projects require all the services and functions, however they are available.

Pre – Production

  • Concept Development and Creative
  • Scripting and Story boarding
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Management
  • Set Build and Styling
  • Castings
  • Video and Film Permit Procurement
  • Aerial Video Planning and Certification
Story Board

Story Board


  • Crew & Personnel
  • Director
  • Field Production
  • Technician and Engineers
  • Camera Rental
  • Grip Gear, Grip Van & Grip Truck Rental
  • Expendables & Production Supplies
  • Camera Cranes / Dollies
  • Generators
  • Lighting Kits
  • Teleprompters
  • Live Streaming
  • Audio
  • 4K Aerial Drone Videography
Production Shoot

Production Shoot


  • HD & UHD (4K) Editing
  • Sound and Audio Mixing
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Music Composition
  • 2D Animation
  • White Board Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Onsite Editing
  • Color Correcting & Grading
  • 1080, 4k and HDR Mastering
Post Production

Post Production


  • Movie/ Film Production
  • Television Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Corporate and Institutional Video Production
  • Conference / Trade show Video
  • Instructional Videos
  • Live Event Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Automotive
  • 4k Aerial Video
  • Ultra HD (4k-6k) Production
  • 2D & 3D Production
4k Aerial Video

4K Aerial Video

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Video Production Services Summary


  • PRE-PRO ONE Overcome the steep learning curve any new project presents. This requires time spent researching: Reading your website, watching your videos, and meeting with clients and stakeholders to pick their brains. If we are interviewing subjects we would like get their bios and the topics they will discuss in order to draft lists of relevant questions.
  • PRE- PRODUCTION TWO Break down and organize the project’s resulting information and goals into clearly, differentiated topics, and further, into what we call “chapters” to make viewer understanding easier. Knowing that some topics will find their way into different chapters, we recommend some editing or rewriting of familiar passages so our words don’t sound repetitious. Viewers should feel they’re watching, even familiar information, for the first time.
  • PRE- PRODUCTION THREE Draft general concepts or “handles” which can help wrap a wide-ranging video series together into a whole and perhaps help with viewer retention if the handle is of a mnemonic nature. If we are producing in other languages we will consult with native speakers to ensure our concepts translate in a meaningful way.
  • PRE- PRODUCTION FOUR Outline and draft scripts and interview questions by topic and subject matter: Begin planning for production by sketching out visual ideas. Many ideas we generate don’t fly but that’s part of the creative process. We cull down the ideas to those standing the best chance of reaching clients’ goals.
  • PRE- PRODUCTION FIVE It’s time to check in with the client and share our thinking. Presenting preliminary scripts and storyboards is standard practice for Blare Media. It is not uncommon for our clients to call in higher-level decision makers to review the work and offer feedback. 
  • PRE- PRODUCTION SIX Once all feedback is received we return to the studio to revise the scripts and interview question and further develop our storyboards, which will serve as a roadmap and checklist guiding us through production and post-production. 
  • PRE- PRODUCTION SEVEN Present final production scripts and storyboards for client approval.
  • PRE- PRODUCTION EIGHT Location scouting, video and film permit procurement, aerial video planning and certification
  • PRE- PRODUCTION NINE Art direction, set construction and production styling to give the film an appropriate look for the subject matter communicated. 
  • PRE- PRODUCTION TEN Casting of voice and on camera personalities; actors, testifiers, experts, etc.


  • PRODUCTION ONE Determining and scheduling the film crew and production personnel: BLARE Media’s cinematographer, audio engineer, director, drone pilot, and producer will be determined at the very beginning of the production phase.
  • PRODUCTION TWO Working with all our stakeholders, the producer creates a production schedule for the crew to follow when filming.
  • PRODUCTION THREE Obviously, no two video productions are identical, so BLARE Media counts on the skilled eye of a talented cinematographer to establish the video’s look and feel: And to choose the exact camera and/or drone package, which lenses to use, and the style of lighting equipment needed to best capture the content on video.
  • PRODUCTION FOUR Whether a video production is to be mounted on a rental stage or at field locations, the grip’s task is to pull together and pack away in a grip truck, all the necessary gear and expendables required to support the production. This can include cranes, dollies, generators, lighting kits, drones, microphones, cables, a teleprompter, and/or all the equipment necessary for live streaming.
  • PRODUCTION FIVE A film or video production can be like an expedition where each team member understands their tasks and works together to gather all the video and audio content necessary to supply the editor and post-production specialists with what they will need to make a final production.


  • HD & UHD (4K) Editing
  • Sound and Audio Mixing
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Music Composition
  • 2D Animation
  • White Board Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Onsite Editing
  • Color Correcting & Grading
  • 1080, 4k and HDR Mastering

Other Video Production Services

Camera Rental
It is our goal that at BLARE Films that we offer you the perfect camera solution. This includes renting some of our higher Ultra HD cameras. We offer cooperative rates and will match pricing with any production house. Our camera packages come with a suitable lens kit. The only thing that you need to be mindful of it that we only offer “wet” rentals. This means the camera comes with a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Assistant Camera Operator or even a grip. This is to satisfy any one that is hands on or already has a DP. Keep in mind that we are flexible. We will look to make things work for you. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to book additional crew. What to check out our camera selection: See List

Grip Gear, Cameras Support, Grip Van & Lighting Kit Rental
Most production professionals have a pretty good idea what comes with a standard grip van package. We also know that for most productions you might end up paying for gear that you’ll never use, such as some of the more esoteric grip hardware or old school tungsten, while at the same time having to pay a lot more for the HMI’s and LED’s that you do need. So we took the package that we love to shoot with and made it available for rental. It provides a good assortment of lighting for most corporate, marketing, or commercial shoots. Many times when shooting in high-rise office scenarios where we’re looking out a window we need to use more punch than LED’s, tungsten, or fluorescent heads can provide. Check out our: Grip Van

Production Crew
If you need an event captured on video, you can book one of our professional video production crews. Last-minute bookings are usually not a problem. This is part of our video production services as we have local connections and production expertise to match your project with the most talented crews in Arizona. And the size of a BLARE Media crew is scalable: If your production needs are modest, such as finding a videographer to capture B-roll or aerial footage, a smaller crew would be provided with just a camera operator and a grip or drone pilot. However if your venue is larger, such as filming a corporate event with multiple cameras, microphones, locations and scenes, our 30+ years of combined experience in the video and film industry means you will be provided with thoroughly vetted crews, regardless of the scale of your production. See List


  • YOUR FOOTAGE IS SAFE: We back up everything to LTO tape immediately and archive your files indefinitely.
  • A ULTRA SHARP FUTURE: We typically acquire in a higher resolution than we master – this means that your footage is “future proof.”
  • CHANGE IS INEVITABILITY: We approach our designs and edits for their inevitable evolutions. We use our technology to plan ahead so that updates, changes, and revamps are easy and painless.
  • SIMPLICITY IN COPY: We transcribe all interviews to get us all on the same page right from the start. This makes scripts easier to write and easier to edit.
  • NOTHING HIDDEN: We don’t make our money by making it after the fact, we make it by making our clients happy. We are known for our clear, up-front and detailed proposals that help our clients understand exactly what they’re paying for and why. Expect to spend what you signed up for and get more than you paid for.
  • PHONE CALL AWAY: Our communications are extremely timely and we pride ourselves on same day response to questions or concerns.
  • WHAT EVER IT TAKES: We are quite generous with our editing hours and use them only as a guideline. At the end of the day it’s about getting the job done and getting it done right.
  • ON STANDBY: Guaranteed redundancy of crew. We’ll never leave you without a shooter or down a crewmember. We have a solid list of available backups for nearly any situation and always have a plan to fill-in crew in the event of a sickness or emergency.
  • TIMELY DELIVERY: We make deadlines a priority and we stick to them. We understand the importance of your meeting, your trade show or your premier, and will work around the clock to deliver the goods.

Blare Films AZ provides our video production services to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Flagstaff and all of Arizona.

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