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Blare Films a Phoenix and Las Vegas Video production company.

For years Blare Films has been working and creating innovative TV Commercials up and down the West Coast.  Our goal is and always has been to offer our clients that national TV spot look with a local market budget.  From Own A Car in Fresno, California to Prestige Motors located in Yakima, Washington, we have helped our clients separate themselves from the competition. We do this by making them quality, impactful and original TV commercials.  Now that Blare Films has expanded to Nevada and Arizona, we offer this expertise to the local automative dealers in our new markets.

Here are Blare Films’ top 5 Automotive TV Commercials:

Number 5

Prestige Motors – Anatomy of Cars
We tried to take a different approach with this one than some of the spots but in the end it always boils down to beautiful shots of amazing cars.
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Number 4

Own A Car – Average Joes
The original concept of the spot was to have the average Joe walk into a biker type bar and leave with their ladies….where the only thing that made him cool was the car he drove.
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Number 3

Prestige Motors – Colors
Like the previous “Hyperlapse” spot that we did, this footage was captured and processed through a proprietary HDR process with our Red Epic Dragon camera.
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Number 2

Own A Car – Trey Tosh
This auto commercial is what we came up with. It was a lot of fun to shoot with Trey Tosh and his band and we had a great time throwing an “impromptu” party on top of the tallest parking structure in town.
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Number 1

Own A Car – Hyperlapse
For this spot we used our Epic camera with a proprietary HDR process to be able to increase micro contrast to levels we’ve never been able to reach before.
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